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Well, if it makes you feel any better, I go in for 3 emergency root canals on Tuesday...I'm near petrified, to the point of nauseousness....yeah....I feel your pain, or I will on Tuesday anyway....Hope you feel better soon!

We believe you should eat chocolate while stamping with Eat Chocolate! Let's see the results tomorrow! Sorry you had to endure 3 crowns. Aren't pain meds fun? Not!

whats with our teeth ladies - I developed a problem last night and have been suffering all day as well! Our office closed at 1, I called at 1:30, it is the weekend :( Guess we will all just have to take Lyssa's advice as she usually give good advice and just, "go have our chocolate now". If you have any pain ladies, make a little tea bag or small pouch of ground cloves and bite on it, hurts at first but will numb like ora-gel only its natural, worked for me, or take a q-tip and dap on took for a few seconds.

Boo! I'm sorry you're in pain. That really stinks. I hope you feel better soon!

Eat LOTS of chocolate. The endorphins have gotta help!

Thanks for the wonderful laugh reading your story. Not laughing over your pain and anguish, but laughing over your "third person" cautionary tale of whoa. I needed that laugh since I am sitting here on muscle relaxants and a pain disrupter on my back.


Hope you can, at least, suck on the M&M's from your last post!!!! ;) Feel better soon.

We are very funny in spite of the discomfort we are in :)

Our poor Lyssa! Feel better soon friend!

Lyssa you are absolutely the best blogger ever. I laugh, I sympathize, I am inspired, I am humbled. You are my pain medication every day.

So glad I read your post today. I usually just look at the cards and move on but I read about your tooth adventures and it made me laugh (or should I say us). My hubby had a double root canal Tuesday and it was not bad--didn't even get good meds. The crowns are the bad guys really--root canals get the bad press. Having said that, I hope you are feeling better and glad it's over.

OUCH! keep the chocolate AND the pain killers close at hand for as long as it takes!

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