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I check your blog EVERY day (sometimes more than once!) and hope you never quit blogging! I love all of your projects that you do...I couldn't even pick a favorite! Your blog is one of the blogs I look forward to every day, so know that all the hard work and time and energy you put into your blog is SO worth it!!! Thank you!!!

Hello Lyssa. I'm a hobby demo and I absolutely love love love all your creations!!! I follow your blog regularly and marvel at your creativity. Thank you!! Have a blessed day.

Girl you are funny! But that is why I read your blog and yes, I am guilty of not commenting, promise I will do better! You are so creative and wonderful to share with all of us, I for one do appreciate you!
Have a great day and hopefully your inbox gets flooded.

Ohhhhh, love the combo of fabric and paper!

That's the single cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, you magnificent girl!!

Just kidding. In all honesty, Lyssa, your blog is beautiful and is one of the few I check daily. As a demonstrator myself, I look to your posts to find inspiration and take me out of my norm. I don't often CASE completely, but find components of things I haven't done and incorporate into stamp camps. I love your use of fabrics, layouts and think you are magnificent! ;)

And especially today - what a great use to show our beautiful fabrics for those that don't sew! (like me.)
Keep up the great work, despite the lack of comments, you have a huge following! Thanks!

I check your blog often. Thanks for all the great ideas. Since you were a little girl, I've known of your creativity and I'm happy you have found your "nitch" for your job and hobby combination. You are a blessing to many. Thanks!!

Love your blog - your projects are so creative and cute and the ideas are easily replicated! Thanks for all you do.

GUILTY as charged!
You have the wonderful combo of creative stamping AND great sense of humor.
THANK YOU for sharing both!!!!
Hope you have a great day and LOTS of comments :-)

I check your blog nearly everyday and am inspired by your projects! I also have a blog and rarely get comments. In fact, when I have blog candy hardly anybody enters! But people tell me in person that they really enjoy my blog. Go figure! Anyway, don't stop blogging and keep those creative juices flowing!!!

I check your blog at least twice a day. Love your sense of humor; most of all, I love your insight into how to manage a successful business. I think your blog for demos should be required reading.

Yup. I too have been selfish in thinking that I don't need to give back at all as a blog reader. Not so.
I just thought yesterday...."Lyssa's blog is my favorite." Your combination of crafting, humor, spirituality and just real life make it very enjoyable to read.
I have been a demo for about 5 years and LOVE it. Your ideas are fun and very CASEable...(giving credit if CASEd of course).
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your time and energy that you give to each one of us. I do believe you touch far more lives than you will ever realize.
Have a blessed day.

I am TOTALLY guilty of being an avid blog follower and almost never commenting!! I apologize - you deserve the kudos, the encouragement, and just knowing how much we love your amazing creativity!! This project is no exception - I will definitely be CASEing :) xoxo

that's the single cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, you magnificent girl.... Okay, for reals, I love your stuff, case it at times, and am not in the habit of leaving comments, but, I will try in the future to take a couple seconds and let you know I have been looking and loving your stuff!!

I have shared your blog with my club members as one of my faves, and this is the first time I have ever commented on one! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and inspirations. You rock!

Love your blog and find it very inspirational. Am glad that you share so much. Many, Many thanks and God bless.

Another guilty lurker, here. Lyssa, your blog has been on my list of favourites for a LONG time, and I visit every day to get inspiration and be uplifted by your humour and obvious love of life and crafting. As the saying goes in one of SU's retiring stamp sets, "You're one of the GOOD ones!" Thanks for sharing what you love.

Love your blog and look at it often. You are single reason I bought the doily background stamp...loved the 31 days do doilies!!

Love your blog! Stay in the race and keep up the good work. Congratulations on all your accomplishments and kudos for your hard work.

Ohmygosh! I've been SO ungrateful. I subscribe to your blog feeds and watch your spectacular creations every day. I realize I have taken you for granted and I'm so ashamed!!! Seriously, you have some fantastic ideas here that I really enjoy case-ing and borrowing and tweaking and pondering and admiring and copying...and...and...and did I mention copying.... Please continue creating and sharing - even for us ungrateful brats!

I came across your blog sometime ago (since I'm also a Wisconsin native) & have discovered how talented you truly are. Thanks for inspiring all of us. Please know that we care & will be better at commenting in a positive fashion.

I will admit that I stalk your blog at least three times a week and I rarely comment- so sorry about that! I am a blogger too, so I understand how much it really does make the blogger's day to receive comments.

You are amazingly talented and inspirational! I love your projects and shudder to think about how many things I have ordered simply because I loved how you used them! :-) Keep up the great work!

I LOVE your blog and the way you write/communicate! I look everyday, and falsely assume eveyone else leaves a comment . . .my bad! Anyway, I've been wanting to use fabric on cards so this sample was right on target. Thanks.

I am also quilty of not commenting and really wish I had more comments on my blog as it does make you wonder if you are the only one that reads it. I love your blog and visit everyday. Thanks for all the inspiration you share not just the projects but the other ideas too.

Hi Lyssa,
I read your blog almost every day, no internet at home otherwise it would be every day. I love it and would definitley miss it if you stopped. Please keep posting.

Hi Lyssa! I too am a secret blog stalker who doesn't leave comments-more because I don't like typing from my phone(I know-lazyiness ;) I love your blog and read it a few times a week. I LOVE seeing your scrapbook pages-it is so simple yet fun and beautiful! I even did a version of your Easter page with the daffodils for my scrapbook club! I always appreciate your ideas! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me (a fellow demonstrator)!

That's the single cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, you magnificent girl !!!

PS I'm out of chocolate!!!

Love this post Lyssa! I am always checking your blog but this is my first post...so sorry! :-) your work is amazing and inspiring! Thanks for all your hard work! :-)

I check your blog daily and love your work! You have inspired some of my cards.
I especially enjoy the scrap a stack when you share your layouts. Thank you for everything and I will try to stop in now and then to leave a commnet!!

I am also a big fan.....a demo here in Australia.....I check your blog nearly every day. I LOVE your creations and they are pinned (and duly credited) on my Pinterest boards. I suppose I am conscious of leaving comments as I don't want to give the "blog stalker" impression....even though that is silly I know. I have a blog myself and I know what it is like to create & blog something and have no-one leave comments. I promise I will comment more often! :) xxxx

Hi, Lyssa. I'm a very bad blogger in that I don't leave comments...like NEVER leave comments. But I do read your blog all the time. Makes me wish I could stamp. I didn't think stampin' up was here in AUS but from the comment above mine apparently it is! anyway, love your blog. You are fabulous. i'll try to be better about commenting. i have pinned a couple things though! =)


That's the single cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, you magnificent girl! LOL

You know I already think highly of you. You did give me an idea what to with the fabric, cause you know I am always at a loss with it.

See you in July!

Fantastic blog full of beautiful and inspiring ideas! Thank you far sharing with us blog creepers.

So cute! I love follwing your blog.

I check your blog often...not only to see what great new ideas you have, but to keep up with you personally. I anxiously kept checking while you were at Disney to find out the latest excitement. I know I don't leave comments, but I do look forward to seeing a new post when I get on here.

I read your blog daily.... And love it! I guess it is easy to fall into the no time to show our appreciation trap which is a trifle rude! Sorry x maybe a like button? :) seriously please don't stop xx

You are so funny girl! I totally get what you mean about the comments! So here is mine for you- Love your work- period!! I have used several of your projects as inspiration for my scrap clubs- in fact here is a link to my blog with my May scrap page that we did using the mixed bunch blossom punch t0 make a daffodil: http://inspiresharecreate.typepad.com/blog/
Thanks Lyssa! Hope to meet you some day- maybe in SLC this year!

"That's the single cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, you magnificent girl!"

I am a PRIME offender of failing to leave a comment. I often blog and wonder if I am just "talking to the ether" so I really should comment more!

I've enjoyed following your blog and I often use the inspiration from it in my pieces!

Now I've earned my chocolate, right? Dark Dove with almonds...mmmmm....

Elin K.

Hi Lyssa, In my experience it seems the odder the thing you put on your blog the more the comments...ha!
But also your blog does not show up fully in Google reader so that might make people not go to the blog to comment, I know with time being busy, the ones that don't show up in reader I barely ever look at, the ones that do show fully, I do go to so I can comment.
That's just my two cents.
The other day you showed the picture of the big flower on your blog and I walked behind you when you were taking it...too funny.

Lyssa, I check you blog every week from my Google Reader feed, so leaving a comment isn't as easy from that format. Know that I LOVE your blog and I'm inspired by your talent. I'm sure there are many of us silent stalkers out there! Keep it up.

I have been creeping for quite some time, but even though I don't leave a comment, you need to know that I love everything you post and I check everyday over my morning coffee for a little creative inspiration!

Thank you for making my day, on more than one occasion. You are unbelievably creative and have a real knack for writing your blog.

Your Disney postings stirred up my Disney lust, as it's been 20 years since I've seen the mouse. (you covered an awful lot of ground on your trip! and it looks like all had a wonderful time)

I think you'd be surprised to find many of us start the day off reading your postings, and looking for inspiration. Even if I don't get a chance to stamp, it puts me in a creative frame of time and sets the tone for meeting the day. Thank you so very much!

that's the single cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, you magnificent girl

And while I am at it, based on the number of comments I had to scroll thru to post, I think you just got your wish

Confession? Your blog is the ONLY blog that I will actually "click" on in my Reader since you don't allow us to see it all in the reader. Typically I won't click through or I will delete their blog altogether. (Let's face it, I am lazy and want to get to the chocolate eating part!) AND I am blatant Lyssa CASE'r it should be illegal how many times I CASE your cards for classes! =) But I am a TOTAL fan and stalk you every morning when I first get up! Your blog, that is!

That's the single cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, you magnificent girl!

I follow blogs thru Google Reader, however only the title of your posts appear. I do enjoy checking out your blog as we have similar styles. I really like the card on this post utilizing the fabric. Guess this will be another one of your cards I will case. lol

"that's the single cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, you magnificent girl!" Thank you for sharing your creativity. Now --- where's that chocolate?

Hi Lyssa!
I have just found your blog by accident through Stampin Connection! So,I haven't been a lurker long. But what I have seen so far is awesome! You are one amazingly talented (and don't forget magnificent) lady! You are so funny,too! I will try my best to leave a comment EVERYTIME I visit your site! I wish I could subscribe by e-mail (I am so computer illiterate I am not sure how to do the reader or google thing). But please know that you are greatly appreciated for ALL you do! I truly have already learned so much from you in the short time I have visited your site! Thanks again!

I know how you feel.
Love your blog, your samples and loved reading about your trip.
Thanks so much. I know how long it takes to blog and all that goes into it.

Well, Lyssa, looks like you got a lotta love! I guess sometimes all we have to do is ask! As I said in a previous comment, I LOVE your blog and all the encouragement you give...as well as inspiration! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

That's the single cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, you magnificent girl!

I love your blog, I follow you on Google Reader and would miss you if you went away.

Thanks for sharing your talents with me.

I'm a dedicated fan...just not a commenter! Love the fabric that you used on the front of this card!

I feel your pain Lyssa, but don't be discouraged! Our world is a busy busy place and many of us are lucky to have the time to browse and some of us just STINK at saying thank you. I appreciate all you do and can't imagine how you get it all done. I'm sure it is exhausting! Keep up the great work girlfriend and thanks for the reminder to share the love a little more often! PS- If you ever need an ego boost, go here: http://pinterest.com/source/songofmyheartstampers.typepad.com/ This is all the times YOUR blog has been pinned on Pinterest!

Lyssa, I may not comment, but I probably check your blog at least 2-3 times a week. You are by far, my fave blogger in the Stampin' Up! world, followed closely by a couple of others I'm sure you know. I follow your demo blog too and I've emailed you on occasion for additional details on some of the amazing ideas you have for classes etc. Your ARE Da Bomb in my opinion, keep going!

quilty of not commenting! Love your Blog! You are one of the most uplifting SU demo in the blog world! Always so positive! please do not stop blogging :)

I am a hobby demo and I love love your blog! Your blog is the only one that I have your web address memorized :). You are a true inspiration for me, and I hope to someday meet you in real life.( One more reason to earn an incentive trip!) LOL I will try to be better about leaving comments too!

Lyssa, I'm glad people left comments for you! Love your work--you're an inspiration to me as a crafter and a demo. Happy Stampin'!

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