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I like it and think it is a great idea for demos to use on a craft fair table especially or beside a display of swaps or the next class projects....Was it too difficult for them? It doesn't look it. Sorry, maybe you just caught a hot and tired kind of day for your girls?

It is adorable! I think we were all just tired..heard lots of "long day" stories that night. And you know how doctors make the worst patients? I think demos make the whiniest stampers :)

I LOVE it!!! I would LOVE the directions too! My downline would be thrilled to make this! So sorry that you were greeted with frustration! I think it is amazing and want to thank you for sharing it!!!!

Patty Chenail

I do not think you are out to lunch at all Lyssa. Love it! I would like to make it at my down line meeting Tuesday night if you could send me instructions. You are so great!

I love it! Perhaps the girls were wanting ideas they could use in their own workshops. I'll join the others: I would love to have the directions!

LMAO I tried doing that to my girls and they mutinied!!! Cards it is and not more nifty fun projects! Glad I am not the only one with an Epic Fail! =)

Well Lyssa if you are out to lunch, then we should do lunch! I loved your project and would have been thrilled to make it at a demo meeting. Great job, and thanks for sharing even though to you it was a flop -- that's not the case for everyone.

Anytime someone designs and preps a project FOR ME, you won't hear me complaining. :) I think it's adorable, Lyssa. You weren't out to lunch - they were.

Awesome project! It had to be the lack of candy to fill their vases. I can't think of any other reason for them to not be thrilled with this fun make and take.

Well, I would sure like to make something like this, especially if the prepping was done for me! Maybe they were just tired :)

I think this is a lovely project, but I am guilty of being whiny that night. It was not because I didn't like the project. I love doing non-card projects, this project was just too much for me to do. If I had I started on the first table with the instructions and easier items, I may have tried to complete the whole thing. I didn't even know there were instructions. But, after doing the two pinwheels, and the card, I just quit and whined. Guilty as charged.

Sorry, I didn't think about how that may have sounded to you. I appreciate all the work you put into making the meetings AMAZING! I know that the MAGIC doesn't just happen that it takes a lot of hard work. Thank you for this post, it gives those of us who are SO FORTUNATE to be part of your group another perspective.

This is a great project, Lyssa. It would look awesome sitting on a table or desk. I love the bright colors. I would have truly appreciated making this at your meeting. I know A LOT of prep work goes into these events. Some folks just don't get it and we have to bite the bullet and remember why we do this. Hang in there!

Totally beautiful project. I would love to have made this vase and flowers project. I may have to CASE you know.

It's very cute Lisa. I'd love to have made oen to display. If your gals were looking for card ideas that they could take back to use in workshops, that may have caused their disappointment. Did you show how the different items could be used on cards? That might help. I think it's adorable!

This project is very nice and bright. I am going to case it immediately! :-)

I love this M & T project! I would love the instructions too,PLEASE!!! Thanks for sharing an awesome project!

I Love it. Wish someone would prep one for me and all I had to do was put it together. I'm sure your group really does appreciate what you do for them. Just remember..You can't make everyone happy all the time.

Thanks guys! Guess I shouldn't have doubted my initial feelings about it. I will definitely post the instruction sheet. Let me get with Cristy and combine her pinwheel instructions with mine so everything is in one nice handout, and then I'll post.

It's fabulous! I can't imagine why other demos would complain!

I like your project and will look forward to getting the instructions.

Adorable project! I know how disheartening it is to put so much work into a project, and then have the participants moan and groan. So sorry that happened to you!! I have a club member who has been asking for 3D projects; maybe she'd like this one! Can't wait for you to post the instructions; very generous of you!!

Super cute! Remember you can't please everyone all the time. And really, in June With the end of school we all get burned out so we can take the summer off with our kids! I'm totally case-ing it!

This is a beautiful project! I agree with the comments here; idk love to have the instructions and give it a try! :-)

I thought it was great! It was a little more time consuming than our usual projects, but I LOVE the end result. Thanks for sharing it with us!

I'm so sorry you got such negative feedback. I love this and would love to do it with my daycare kids (well the older ones anyway).

I wish I could go to your meetings! This is a great project and I would love to have had the opportunity to make it! :)

"I think demos make the whiniest stampers."

spot on comment...we are worst enemies

Beautiful project!! I would have loved to make this!! Thank you for sharing!!

So verfy cute!! This type of project is the IT thing right now! You can see them everywhere right now, pininterest, etc. So you were right with the trends. I am so loving this project! I may need directions and fast!! Great work!! Stephanie

I think it is a wonderful project, one I would love to have made. Sorry you got negative feedback at the meeting.


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