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Lyssa - Thanks for sharing this sweet story. It brought tears to my eyes, as I too have lost a daughter, at the tender age of two. Hugs to you and Natalie(s) and the generous woman who blessed your day!

Wow, what a morning! Thanks for sharing!

What a touching moment in time. You've made my day by sharing this.

You are so eloquent, Lyssa. I hope you will consider writing a book someday, or at the very least, submit this story to a magazine or newspaper.

My eyes are wet as I type this comment. God bless that woman, and God bless you and your sweet little Natalie, my online friend!!

Such a touching story that is written so well!
Thank you for sharing the story of your special time with your lovely Natalie and of
a beautiful woman who's name you don't know, but will inspire all of us who have heard of her kindness.

What an amazing moment to share with a stranger, and what an incredibly sweet woman she must have been. Thanks for sharing your story. It reminds me to be more kind with everyone I come in contact with.

Wow. That is really powerful. That lovely woman will be in my prayers today.

What an awesome thing she did! What a great way to help remind us of what's important. Brought tears to my eyes too. Thanks for sharing!

So touching. Thank you for sharing your day.

Yes. Thank you for sharing. I am crying too. What a beautiful end to your time at the farmer's market. You are teaching your daughter well, as are the people around you. Light draws unto light...and spirit unto spirit. What a blessed day. So glad you shared it with us.

That's an amazing story - I teard up reading it!

I love this, Lyssa - and it's so well-written, too. Thanks for sharing, and for honoring a wonderful woman and her equally wonderful gift. You've lightened hearts and "paid it forward" just by sharing. Thank you, thank you -- and Thank God for giving you, and us, some precious moments of joy.

Wow! Truly a great way to start the day!! You DO have a way with words...Thank-you for sharing, and may God Bless!

Oh wow, Lyssa! Thanks for sharing, and you are a great writer. And now your sweet daughter will always remember this! I will pray for that lady who bought that pot for you.
With a tear in my eye this morning,


What a beautiful story that brings tears to my eyes! It is all too often that we forget our blessings and it takes a moment like this to remind us. Those flowers will hang on your porch now and remind you of that simple summer morning when you were touched by an angel! Thank you for sharing!

What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing.

This story brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing it with us. I love stories of RAK. They are so inspiring. We just never know how our actions can have a lasting impression on complete strangers! May this sweet stranger be blessed!

You brought tears to my eyes too! What a wonderful story and you have gift of writing!! Thank you for sharing your blessing with us.

Beautiful story Lyssa...just made my day! What a beautiful example of love and caring.

I don't have tears in my eyes, I have tears running down my face! What an amazing story...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us! As I read this, it made me cry because I thought of my Dad who is battling cancer as I type this. I was thinking of him because his birthstone is pink like those beautiful flowers. The doctors say he doesn't have long 1-2 months left maybe. What struck me so hard was when the sweet lady said I had a daughter once but then she was gone. I realized my father will be gone soon. Thank you for helping me accept this horrible reality. It's so hard to lose a loved one especially a child so I can't imagine the pain she went through. But I must face my own pain and let my father go when it is his time to go home! Thank you Lyssa for helping me see this! I am truly grateful to you for sharing this with us and helping me come to terms with my Dad!

I had to walk away and take a few deep breaths of fresh air or I would never stop the tears from flowing. so many emotions and yet no words to express how this post made me feel. beautifully written.

Thank you so much for sharing this!! I, too, will hold my daughter a little longer and tighter! I will be looking for ways to pay her gift to you...to all of us...forward.

What a beautiful post. People are good. I truly believe that.

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