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10 years ago I was finding out how important crafting was to me. I had surgery and a long story short crafting was the constant light in some darker times.

I was working at Watertown Hospital. I was just getting into stamping. Boy! you sure can tell now! Its like a store in my room that always needs more SU stuff. I have been with you Lyssa for along time but dont know how many years. Still do love to Stamp!

Ten years ago I was preparing for two weddings....

Hi Lyssa,
Ten years ago I was recovering from neck surgery to fuse three vertebras together! It was a long recovery! This was the second time I had this surgery.
Congrats on your ten years.

What was I doing 10 years ago, I was living in SC and getting involved deeply into stamping. I was living in a Senior Community and we had wonderful Stampin Up Demonstrators who wanted to share their ideas. Being far away from family, sending cards was a way for me to stay in touch with special people -, especially grandchildren.

Working at my son’s office as he started a new business!

Congratulations Lyssa on your 10 year milestone, many more happy stamping years.

What a year it was in 2008! I was running a business, trying to see about my mother who had stayed lived with me and then was placed by my sister in a nursing home while I was away briefly. Mother died that year, my brother barely made it from the Phillipines in time for her funeral. I didn't even know about Stampin' Up. A year or so later, I was invited to a party at a friend's home and bought a couple things. When I wanted more, I could never get a response from the demonstrator. That was fortunate for me because I searched and found a fabulous demonstrator and how my life has changed! I could write a book about how God has used Stampin' Up, crafting friends, etc. through some serious health issues. I love card making and sending!

Wow! 10 years ago seems so long ago! I was scrapbooking with friends then, cards hadn't become our 'thing' yet. Now we do both but with cards being our favorite craft.

Ten years ago my crafting and quilting efforts became focused on creating items for our new home. I was trying to fit into a new group of women and quilting and scrapbooking were ways for me to offer something to share with this group. Sharing with others helped me to grow and become more confident.

Ten years ago, I had already been stamping for 10 years prior and loving every minute. Now it’s been 20 years, I hope it’s just as exciting another 10 years from now.

Ten years ago... was a very hard fall. I had just sold my home at short sale, my son’s medical bills were through the roof, I was forced to quit grad school, and I got a divorce. I hit rock bottom, I returned to church, and I embraced hope. That fall was all about learning who I was as a person and what I was willing to do as a mother. It was how I learned to trust in god’s plan.

I would love to see a stat about how many cards you made in 10 years! :) Here's to 10 more happy and fruitful years of stamping.

Congratulations on ten years. The time flies by so fast. I was just starting another year of
teaching reading at the elementary school where I worked, and of course in my spare time,
making cards etc. with stampin up products.
Again, wishing you ten more years at least. Love your blog.

Ten years ago I was still teaching middle school, had not even heard of StampinUp, my oldest daughter was in pharmacy school and my youngest daughter was a senior in high school. Thank you for all the inspiration and CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations, and looking to see lots more posts from you. Ten years ago, I was just starting up with Stampin Up and it has never stopped. Still at it and Just love getting new stamps.

10 years ago this time, I was preparing for the arrival of my first grandchild, as well as being a caregiver for three elderly parents! What a roller coaster the past ten years have been, but I can truthfully say that stamping has been my ‘sanity saver’ during that time! Congratulations on your ten years of blogging! I enjoy your posts and all the terrific inspiration you provide!

I was recovering from taking my niece and sister to Disney World for their very first time. We were gone for two weeks - one at Disney and one at other Orlando sites. I got sick on the way home and my sister ended up having to drive us all 10 hours. Whatever, I had lasted for two weeks and I mean I was really, really sick. But that too did pass!

My cousin was a SU demonstrator so I attending all her workshops and events. I really missed it when she quit because she had a baby. So years later, I am celebrating my first anniversary as a demonstrator.

Has it really been 10 years already? Gosh.......10 years ago I was stamping regularly with my mom and reading your blog. It took me a long time to comment and I still read all the time but hardly ever comment. I need to get better about that because I really do enjoy your style and your blog. It's been especially great watching your family grow! Congrats on 10 years!

Ten years ago this fall I was enjoying a new grandson and busy sewing the cutest mermaid costume for my oldest granddaughter. I was also working on a Disney scrapbook to give my mom for Christmas. I always have too many projects going, but I love it!

10 years ago, my pastor-husband & I had just been assigned to a small church near St Louis and were getting to know our new congregation. Our youngest had just started going to a new elementary school. It was a long move (from Toledo) & quite a time of transition for all of us.

Congratulations Lyssa on 10 SU years!
10 years ago we took our oldest boy, his wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat into our home. They were going through a rough patch and needed help. While the DiL went to nursing school we kept them fed and a roof over their heads. Not going to say it was easy but we managed to not murder each other. When they moved out 3 yrs ago I was learning to love Stampin Up!

My son was starting 7th grade at a new school. I was looking forward to the change. I signed up to help with the school auction. I made cards for teacher gifts and they were well received. I've enjoyed stamping since my son was in 1st grade. I now enjoy a monthly card swap.

Ten years ago I did not even know Stamping Up existed. I was still working full time and taking care of my mother. I am retired now and just recently discovered card making which I have become obsessed with

Wow, 2008, I was raising 2 kids on my own and scrapbooking our entire lives! I had just starting using Stampin Up and have never looked back!

Ten years ago i was a hobbyist and decided to start two clubs that has connected me with some very fun and creative ladies. I love your posts. You are a huge inspiration to us all.

Congratulations on your blog milestone! I started my first blog in 2008 as my husband and I moved to Japan in January of that year (I started a stamping blog a few years later). In the fall of 2008, I was busily working on scrapbooking my Japan pictures!

Ten years ago ... we were gearing up for our oldest son's senior year in high school. I had no idea then how quickly that year would fly by ... and the next four years when he was in college ... and the five years since! Stamping then and stamping now (every chance I get!)! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

Thanks for 10 years of tips and inspiration, not to mention dedication! I really do enjoy your blog although I don't often comment. Ten years ago our oldest daughter was days away from delivering our 3rd grandchild so I was busy organizing my life so I could spend some time helping her. (I had also stamped all the baby announcements as well so was packaging those up!)

Ten years ago I was moving into my current house from a mobile home. I felt like I had so much room but now, my stampin’ up room is full to overflowing and I know logically, that I need to purge some of my “older” stamps. That is hard for me. Anyway, thanks for your posts and the inspiration and instruction you provide. Congratulations on ten years and looking forward to another ten.

Ten years ago today I was sending a 7th grader and fifth grader off to school and now they are in college . Crafting was always part of their childhood and they still will come home and spend time in the stamping room! Love this hobby and the time spent creating with them.

That is so long ago and yet so recent??? I have no idea, I was in the middle of welcoming and loving on grandbabies wondering if I would EVER have time to pursue my own creative desires. Well I am still heavily involved with grandchildren (teens, pre-teens, and the baby - guess who runs the whole kit-n-caboodle? The BABY, 19 mos. and climbing and constantly in motion with a big funny grin every time she gets told whatever at the moment that says Aren't I just soooo CUTE?) And I have no more time then 10 years ago but I am getting to do a card or etc. once in awhile and still HOPING to do and pursue this further!!
Congratulations Lyssa! on ten years!!! So impressed!

That is quite an achievement! Have loved following you thru this journey. Ten years ago I was adjusting to moving to a small town .. very laid back atmosphere. I came from a large city which was very fast paced. I still catch myself feeling rushed for no reason, but I continue to work on it. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome deal!

Was just learning about stamping. Joined a stamp club with my best friend. Still stamping and loving every minute of it. Enjoy your site and love the inspiration. Thank you for all you do for us by keeping us inspired.. My friends enjoy getting their cards and when they don’t get a card, they let me know. It is great knowing they appreciate the cards. Thank you!!!

10 years ago I was beginning my eighth year as an elementary school principal. I longed for the day when I could retire and craft to my heart’s content. It finally has arrived! I love stamping,

Wow, congrats on 10 yrs.! At that time I was adjusting to my husband's new work schedule and career change as well as trying to get my kids situated in school. I was also helping my brand-new grandson and my daughter adjust to life. I was spending the nights with her and helping her with a fussy baby. Goodness! So much has changed since then.

Ten years ago I was working for another executive I loved, only to find out a few months later I would be reassigned to another executive. I was crafting and making cards, I had no die machine, no Cricut, etc. I have come a long ways in not only my professional career, but also my stamping style, tools I use and products I purchase. I love Stampin' Up!

10 years ago I had just returned from Germany celebrating our church denomination's 300th Anniversary. I got my first indoor dog--a cute little white schnauzer to fill the hole left with all of our children out of the house. And I'm sure I had a class of first graders that were as excited to start school that year as I was! =-) I was just learning about Stampin' Up, but hadn't yet become a demonstrator.

The fall of 2008....I was anxiously awaiting the return of my husband from his first deployment to Afghanistan.

10 years ago I was doing Stampin' Up but only as customer, 2 more years before I became a demonstrator and still only do hobby demo stuff, not many customers. Work full time and raising a handicap child/adult. Love your blog. When my rural area finally gets good internet connection, coming before end of year, I hope to also start a blog and increase my customer base.

Can't believe it's been 10 years for you. Congratulations! My husband and I did a lot of hiking and in the fall of 2008. Not so much any more. Thanks for the chance to get the Stamparatus!

10 years ago this fall I was working in higher ed in San Antonio and anticipating the birth of my daughter... Wow. A lot has changed... Thanks for the reflection moment.

10 years ago I was at the start of 2 very large projects. The first being the remodel of my childhood home; the other the start of my very first scrapbook project, a book to honor my Dad, who was always the family photographer and the one barely in the photos himself. Both were huge undertakings for me, but labors of love, for sure!

In January of 2008 I was diagnosed with Lipo sarcoma of the right thigh. I finished my treatments the end of September. I tried to scrap my journey, made cards to sell to supplement my income and live life. I am cancer free and still in love with paper crafting.

My family was getting ready to take a trip to Florida for my niece's wedding in the fall of 2008!

Congrats Lyssa on 10 years blogging! That's a great achievement!

Ten years ago I was teaching library/media classes in elementary schools. I loved libray almost as much as stamping! I was also rediscovering Stampin' Up after a brief stint with another stamp company. My second time as a demonstrator was even better than the first, when I was around for Stampin' Up's 10th anniversary!

I was still working at a nearby university and my firstborn daughter had just finished her nursing degree. Second daughter was off to college and I was trying to adjust to empty nest syndrome. I can state I have adjusted well to both retirement and our empty nest! I love the time it allows me to craft now!

ten years ago, how's a gal gonna remember that? that was 10,000 meals ago. I barely remember this am. ok all joking aside. I was retired and just beginning to fill out my days with tennis, volunteering and crafts. we had 3 dogs that kept us busy. the kids were grown and on their own and my time was my own. I started to explore other crafty arts besides stamping. painting was interesting. I found out that the further you stand from it the better it looks. mine is a masterpiece if you looking at it from Russia. congrats on your 10 year anniversary and how you have many more stampin' anniversaries!

10 years ago I was 19 years old and preparing to spend the next summer in Guam!

Ten years ago I was busy homeschooling my three children.

I was still working at the U. S. Postal Service. 2008 -I believe that was the year I was introduced to Stampin Up! I became a demonstrator in 2009--hobby only. Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary.

Ten years ago I was working and setting my goals for retirement within the next 5 years. Also learning to maneuver a teenage daughter. Life was busy and fun.

Congrats on 10 years! 10 years ago, I was heading to Muskegan MI, to spend a fun filled weekend scrap booking my daughter's wedding pictures with her.

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