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Kristine John

"Is it possible that my life, filled with business entertaining, and parties, one after the other, is devoid of actual, real live hospitality?"
This, my friend, is a question each and every one of us need to ask ourselves…not just once, but repeatedly!
Thank you for sharing your real self with those who chose to come. They will be blessed by you and your choice to open your heart to them…without reservation (or maybe with reservation, but choosing to push forward past it anyway).
Those who are real are those who I open my heart to…I think you'll find the same.


beautifully written and so so true. I remind myself that my friends don't mind if they have to step over a couple toys and kids on the way to the kitchen, wait for me to wipe lunch crumbs off the table and scrounge through the snack cupboard for something to serve with our tea/coffee before we start chatting. Thanks for your reminder of what true hospitality is.

Nicole Steele

You are someone I would definitely love to have coffee (well, tea in my case) with. I wish I lived closer! Fellowship is at its best when it is simple and real.

I love reading your devotionals.

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