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Kristine John

Absolutely beautiful Lyssa. <3
All of us, prone to wander, called back by Him…and tended by His careful watch care.

Colleen W

Precious thoughts...thank you for sharing them with "all of us" but also with me! Needed it yesterday, last night, and today!!! Love ya! {c}


sending love to you XOX

Grandy Faith

What a blessing you are to me, Lyssa. :)


Thank you for being brave enough to write this.
I needed to hear that message today so much

Margaret Schoenfeld

I just signed up for your weekly email and in browsing your blog saw the Devotion tab. Thank you for posting just what I needed to hear.

Brenda B.

I haven't visited this page in awhile. I had wondered why. And when I read this post, I knew the Holy Spirit needed me to read it today. His timing is perfect. I am so glad I have you, and your faithful witness, in my life, dear Lyssa! Prayers for you every day!

Sally Myers

My first visit to this page - so honest & beautiful. I so needed to read this post today. Praise to Our Lord and blessings to you Lyssa.

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Lyssa Griffin Zwolanek is a blessed mom of two adorably quirky kids and blissful wife to a handsome history professor in Wisconsin. A successful direct sales veteran for over a decade, she loves world travel, researching Sensory Processing Disorder, advocating for sexual abuse victims, and writing about grace sufficient for every need.