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Janet Higerd

Oh wow! Lyssa - what a struggle you are dealing with - remember God is good all the time! & to give it all over to Him! I struggled with this several years ago when my kids were still younger - some people lose weight, but not me I put on quite a bit that I am now having to deal with - it is coming off slowly & my blood pressure has come down to normal range - our bodies do a good job of helping us cope within limits but can't handle it all on their own - women have a hard time giving up certain things because we think it what we should be doing or should be in charge of - we have to realize that we don't have to do it all. Bless you & hope that things get better for you - "God's Got This!"

Carolyn Susi

I loved this in particular:
"I have to sacrifice this moment for the sake of the rest of my moments"
I commend you for recognizing this and taking action. Godspeed.

Carol Senn Ruffin

Thank you for your transparency, Lyssa! Love, hugs, and prayers coming your way!

Brenda B.

Do you have any idea how much I love you, dear friend? Your willingness to lay yourself bare will help more people in more ways than you will ever dream. It's hard to admit we're not perfect. But it's also so very, very necessary. Thank you for showing me that it can be done, with grace and humility.

If you ever need a friend, you know I'm just minutes away. I'd love to sit and drink water with you and just listen to you pour your heart out, or just talk about whatever silly things come to our ridiculous minds.

I love you, and I pray for you every single day.


God be with you.......

Jill Lancett

Be kind to your self, be gentle with your self, be understanding to your self. You sound like a strong and determined soul and I'm sure that when you have re-gathered your strength you will reclaim your life. Best of good wishes to you...

Jan Hoyt

thinking about and praying for you, my friend....especially as you "dial down" the number of tsps of grounds you put in your coffee every day! Cyber hugs!! Jan

Marlene Salvato

Many years ago after the death of my Father I suffered panic attacks - they are debilitating. I couldn't even leave my house...I would just sit home & cry. At that time they really didn't have a label for panic attacks so it took me years until it was understood and diagnosed. I was finally taken off coffee & other caffeine put on medication and learned to say "no" because I couldn 't say yes. Before longI got my life back and haven't looked back since. Just take card of yourself, do what you have to do and you will not only survive - you'll thrive.

Kristine John

You already have an inkling of how much I needed to read this today. Your heart, your words, your voice, laid out before God first, are godly nudges for my own heart and my own life. Don't doubt your voice will echo in the hearts of many...❤️ Thank you for opening your heart...and your mouth today. You are literally changing lives with this post today...as you honor God, He, in turn, truly will make beauty from these ashes.

Faith Gaspar

Sending you Love and Prayers, packed in Hugs... Thank You for sharing... You are not alone on this Recovery Trail... check out "Brave Girls" with Melody Ross... a quote from the Brave Girl Symposium I just attended.. "In this moment, just do the next Right thing..."

From my heart, Faith

Gina Newell

Thank you for sharing. Your gift of writing is exceptional. You have inspired a lot of us by your example. Much love and best wishes to you, dear friend. You will find what you need.

Katie Graham

Thank you for your transparency --- which reveals your honesty with yourself! I had no idea your struggles were this hard. I also am trying to strengthen my adrenals --- its not easy! You can count on my regular prayers for you. And, since our time zones are very different, I'll be part way through my day by the time you are starting yours, so you can be assured that I am praying for you before you even start your day!

Ruth Brown

Sending love to you, Lyssa. One step at a time.

Cynthia McQueen

Love yourself, heal and let others help you for awhile. It's all a journey, embrace the pause of life and breathe. You'll get through this and we'll be here when you resurface with open arms. Blessings and peace to you.

Kenna M.

Lyssa- I'll be praying for you as you invest in working towards healing. Too often we push ourselves too hard and our focus of taking care of ourselves gets shelved and leaves us dehydrated of sleep and nutrition which are truly vital to our own survival. I have struggled with this hard lesson too! It sounds like you have a good strategy to work towards making improvements. Like others have said, "one day/step at a time" while you let go & let God work, while doing your part as well.

Gale S.

Thank you for sharing. I have always admired you. You can get through this. You have a good head on your shoulders and a wonderful heart to be willing to share your struggle to help others. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Thank you for your courageous willingness to share about your "Dark Night of the Soul." Praying that waves of His mercy and grace and love will wash over you during this time.

Shareene Fellmeth

The struggle is real. Mental health issues are no different than any other medical concern! God is in this and He is your strength! Your humility and transparency are a challenge to me. Sounds like you're on the right path to recovery!

Shareene Fellmeth

Panic attacks are an awful response to physical exhaustion and also mental fatigue. You are doing the right thing by educating yourself so you can educate others. Praying for you.

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